Defying Age and Gravity: Suture Lifting of Face and Body (Thread Lifting)


Suture lifts have finally caught on in the world of medical aesthetics in Malta. As we grow older, females tend to lose that plump look in the cheek, lip and neck area. These lifts, known as lunch break procedures, give doctors the opportunity to customize the lift procedure to suit a client’s individual needs.

Would you like to enhance your features, remove deep expression wrinkles in the lower part of the face, lift your brows or achieve a more elegant and graceful neck? Here’s the ins and outs of it…

By means of the suture lift procedure at Estetika, we can help you achieve this definition without any serious incisions or scarring. This lift is painless, performed under local anaesthetic, meaning the area being treated will be numb. Whilst under anaesthetic, the doctor will proceed by inserting a thread-like suture underneath the skin, this suture will be placed five millimetres deep into the skin. No muscles or nerve endings will be touched which makes the procedure much safer and assuring for the customer. Once the thread has been secured and the doctor is confident about your best possible result, he would than proceed to close the entry point with a single suture. This entry point will vary according to the area you need to treat.

Immediately after the procedure, you will be handed a mirror to see for yourself the immediate result!  We can assure you that even though your face will be numb you will smile at the image looking back at you.

Lifts are considered to be a lunch break procedure, as is laser hair removal or advanced laser liposculpture, which means that you’d be able to go back to work even the day after the procedure with only possible light bruising.

The little incisions will be just a distant memory as within a week these are no longer visible. The results will last for years – as we always say, we will turn back the clock for you but the clock will keep on ticking. The thread will be present in the actual body for around five years with the suture being metabolized by the body but maintaining the most spectacular result.

Estetika offers suture lifts by Aptos, originators of the concept pioneered by the Sulamanidze family of plastic surgeons from Georgia and now based in Russia. Aptos technologies have gained world recognition: they have been granted prestigious international awards and have been successfully applied for more than 15 years by experts of 48 countries. Estetika also offers cone sutures by Silhouette from the US.

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