Countdown to Bride-O’Clock (Part 1 of 2)

© Tim Pannell/Corbis

The wedding season is upon us once more so here is something for the soon-to-be brides. I know that the last months before a wedding is a crazy time due to all the preparations, however it is of paramount importance that you take some time to take care of yourselves.

5 to 6 months before

  • If you plan to change your hairstyle, now is the time to talk to your hairdresser to sort it out.
  • Start taking care of your skin. Cleanse, tone and moisturise every day!
  • Pay attention to your nutrition… bad food habits and too much caffeine mixed with wedding planning stress can transform you into Bridezilla… and you really don’t want that!
  • If you want to lose some weight prior to your big day consult with a nutritionist to help you out… but remember do this sensibly and don’t go overboard, after all your future husband will want the girl he fell in love with to walk up the aisle, not a different person!

3 to 4 months before

  • Do a hair and makeup trial of the look you would like on your wedding day. This will help you choose what suit you and which do not, ensuring that you look and feel fabulous on your big day!
  • Decide on a makeup artist and hairdresser and book him/her for your wedding date. If your wedding date is a popular one, then make sure to book earlier to avoid disappointments.
  • If you want to experiment with fake tan, now is the time. Consider the neckline of your gown, and whether you’d have tan lines you’ll need to cover.

1 to 2 months before

  • Make sure your eyebrows are in ship-shape order – if you can’t get the hang of them, then consider getting a professional shaping.
  • Help your skin further by using a face mask at home or a salon facial.
  • For a sparkling smile, cut down on tea and coffee and try whitening toothpaste.

…cont. in Countdown to Bride-O’Clock (Part 2)