Splurge vs. Save: Strike the right balance when decorating on budget


It’s always a good idea to have a budget when decorating, or at least if not a budget, knowing your monetary limits well. We all know how the story goes once we start decorating – we start visiting showrooms, browsing the internet for inspiration and we end up wanting to change everything once we start!

This sounds contradictory but here are some tips on how to save while spending, when redecorating a room or a space.

For every splurge try and counterbalance with a save. Spend more money on what I call investment pieces, say for example one would prefer spending on a key piece, such as a beautiful sofa, or a statement coffee table, and then balance out by buying a cheaper TV unit, something simple that will blend well. Put your money where it matters. Apart from saving money, you will also have a longer lifetime on the product you decided to be a VII (very important item).

When you choose your splurge make sure to try and avoid trends, ideally the splurge is made on a timeless piece. You want these items to last not only because you expect it from items of superior quality but also to last as you continue to change or update the space in the coming years. You can save on accessories, like throws and cushions, as these can be easily updated and chucked out depending on fashion or your mood seasonally or yearly. Your larger items are here to stay.

If you are really on a tight budget then get creative. Everyone needs a change every once in a while but a change doesn’t mean damage to your pockets. My craze right now is how to spruce up current pieces or else bargains found at a flea markets with just some paint and polish, reupholstering, etc. With the right TLC and DIY it is possible to incorporate a brand new item that fits exactly into your new colour scheme or design style, at just a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new similar piece. It’s an amazing feeling when you manage to incorporate a piece which you’ve had for ages in your newly decorated space.

Have you recently decorated on a budget? Share your experience with us!