Interview with Daniel Chircop and Sander Agius

Daniel and Sander

Are you the same persons at home as on stage?

Yes and no, that is what our new show is all about – we are close friends in real life spending a lot of time together, sharing many experiences, going holidays together, etc. and we began to realise that some of these moments are really funny – we’re the same persons at home as on stage, just a bit more exaggerated on stage!

What makes you happy and what turns your smile upside down?

We feel happy when we are appreciated, loved, taken care of… when we are paid for what we do… and we are proud to have such nice families and friends. Our smile transforms itself into a lousy sad face when the opposite happens – when people don’t like what we do, when hatred and jealousy appear, and when money becomes more important than friendship and family.

What inspires you to be entertainers and comedians?

Our friends, family and the day-to-day characters we meet during our long days.

Tell us about the next project you’re planning…

DANUSAN is a crossover between sketch comedy and stand up comedy. We take our audience into this wonderful place called ‘Ir-Razzett tal-Majjali’. Majjali standing for males, where Dan and San take on a string of male confessions, exposing what man think, talk about and wish for. They will tackle various topics – cars, sexuality, going abroad, breasts – and more. This is done with the musical input of the KAZINSKA band, who are a part of this show, presenting our audience 1hr 40mins of pure laughter and incomparable entertainment.

Who would you like to come back as in another life? San: Bill Gates; Dan: Robbie Williams.

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