The reasons behind acne breakouts on one side of your face

Are you free from acne or clogged pores except on one side of your face, mainly your cheek? Are you using the right medical products to try and cure this situation but still to no avail? The following scenarios might help you get rid of those horrid spots once and for all!

1. Are the spots mainly surrounded on the side that you sleep on? Try changing your pillowcase more often as apparently oil from your hair is transferred to your pillowcase. I got into the habit of changing it once every two days, alternating the side when using the same pillowcase.

2. Is it on the side that you answer your phone? You would be surprised as to how much bacteria phone/tablet screens carry with them. Clean your phone screen with anti-bacterial wipes on a regular basis to avoid constant and unnecessary breakouts.

3. Wash your hands regularly. We are constantly touching our face, which could only mean that we are transmitting bacteria every time, making our faces more prone to acne or small and unpleasant spots. To make this situation easier (and cleaner), you might wish to carry a hand sanitising gel in your bag.

4. Drink more water. The daily guideline is around seven to eight glasses a day. Anything more than that is greatly encouraged as a bonus! Water helps the body to clear out toxins and it helps the body to refresh. Therefore, it will definitely promote clearer skin.

5. If the problem persists, go to your dermatologist. If your acne problem is of a severe case, you might need a little extra help than these every day actions. A dermatologist would be able to guide you to the correct medication for your particular case, depending on its severity.