5 Alternatives to Paceville for the 20-something-year-old


Getting bored of Paceville is inevitable, but finding somewhere else to hang out is not that difficult!

You may think I’m a middle-aged bore going through menopause, but in reality I’m still a germinating ball of fun – and, as someone who has a love for going out and trying out new things, I think I may have come up with the answer to the million dollar question:

But… if not Paceville, then where?

All I need to ask you before you go through the list, is that you realise that drinking, partying and hooking up are not the preserve of that one area in St Julian’s but can be experienced and enjoyed all over our island!

Valletta: The gay community – always ten steps ahead of the times – has already made Valletta one of the ‘It’ places to be seen at, and with very good reason. Valletta, unlike the popular misconception that it’s going to become the new Paceville, is actually going back to the capital city I remember. And the best thing about it? It’s vibrant, it’s young and it’s got some pretty fancy new bars to help you while your night away.

Eating Out: Some people see restaurants as somewhere you go to celebrate a birthday or an alternative to a night out when you’re a parent and have no business going to Paceville. Well, actually, restaurants are a great way to kick off a good night in – if you get my drift. There are now hundreds of eateries serving things people my age used to dream of when we were your age. So go on a culinary night out, try out new things and enjoy a civilised conversation.

Rendezvous: Some clubs and bars all over the island give you the possibility to book your own private area – so long as there is a decent number of people attending. So round up your friends and order them to bring someone with them. It’s a great way to meet new people and you can network in a drunken haze. You could also create a theme or turn it into a costume party – it’s your area and the possibilities are endless.

The Arts Scene: If you’re not part of Malta’s up-and-coming arts scene, then you probably have no idea about the sheer amount of events that now form part of it. From art exhibitions to book launches to taking-over whole bars, that culture-vulture lot is booming and expanding at an almost-alarming rate. But the best part is that these people know how to party and, instead of creating a drunken raucous, they actually start talking about crazy artsy things – très fun! All you have to do to join the club is to either start up an artsy-blog, do something artsy or just go as someone’s plus one!

Stay In: If you have a house, then why not organise something there? Have a dinner party, a classy get-together or just a relaxed night in watching movies. You can play drinking games, talk about anything and everything and if you’re seeing anyone, the host might even agree to let you pop to the bedroom!

So… Was I right, or was I right when I said that I had the answer to that million dollar question?


Do you like Evelyn’s alternatives to Paceville? Do you have any more options? Let us know! 


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