5 ways to use Dry Shampoo

Spray a starch based dry shampoo onto hair pins Back-combing.. zig-zag parting

Dry shampoo is one must-have product as far as hair care for the busy girl is concerned. Make yours work harder than just preserving your hairstyle for another day by following these savvy tips.

1. Spray a starch based dry shampoo onto hair pins to give them extra grip and prevent them from falling out of your hair.

2. When back-combing your hair for volume and texture include dry shampoo in the equation for maximum hold.

3. Dark roots showing through and you don’t have time to visit the hairdresser? Dry shampoo comes to the rescue yet   again for blondes. Just spray it onto your roots, and wear your hair with a zig-zag parting to hide them!

4. Dry shampoo works wonders for adding volume to flat, limp hair. Flip your head upside down and concentrate the shampoo at the roots. Va-va-voom in an instant!

5. Spraying dry shampoo under your bangs will prevent your hair from sticking to the oil on your forehead. It will also keep your fringe together nicely.

What do you think of dry shampoo? Have you ever considered any of these tips before?