Waking Up with a Buzz


Are you a woman who hates the sound of the alarm clock in the morning? Who dreads the terrible electronic drone that drills through your head?

Well all this could soon be a thing of the past.

An ingenious (if slightly kinky) company has spotted an obvious niche in the market and decided to create an alarm that makes waking up a much more enjoyable experience – the Wake Up Vibe!

This hybrid clock-vibrator that looks a bit like slightly bent ipod, is set like a normal clock and then placed in (ahem) position. And when it goes off…well the user wakes up buzzing. Much more civilized than using your phone. And with better bundles.

And if you don’t need to set your alarm clock the next morning, you can pop it anyway and then just turn it on manually when your eyes do open. Weekend bliss!

Wake up vibes come in three different colours, with rechargeable batteries and different types of plugs. So no matter where you are you can always wake up to a pulsating vagina.

What do you think ladies? Is this what you need to wake up in the morning? Or would it be so addictive that you would need another lie down after you’ve had your toast?