Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

A still from the movie 'Pina', 2011
A still from the movie 'Pina', 2011

About two years ago, whilst browsing Facebook in the weekend, I came across an event that sounded right up my alley and yet I didn’t quite understand what it was all about. It involved art, discussion, theatre and food and the topic was ‘love’.

I tried not to think too hard and thereby give myself the chance of chickening out because it was something different, so I sent an email quickly and booked a place.

It was uncomfortable at first – here I was in a beautiful house surrounded by delicious food, but I didn’t know anyone aside from a friend who had tagged along. I certainly didn’t know what was about to happen.

This is a strange thing to experience when you’re used to the social life of a small island.

My friend and I explored the place trying to put the pieces together. Discussions ensued, with different artists of all genres and ages speaking about and exhibiting their work. It took me a while to fit in or to warm up to what was happening, but slowly things fit into place and I was part of this discussion, this welcoming space.

I can safely say that that day changed my life. I felt safe in a room full of strangers because we were all there to share our thoughts, our art, and our connection. We weren’t strangers for very long as we reaffirmed that in essence we all go through the same experiences, we all need to learn the hard way sometimes and we all feel similar emotions. I didn’t feel unique or special, but I felt intensely human.

Those moments – when you smile or gasp and say ‘you too?’ – are the moments worth stepping outside your comfort zone for!