What’s in a Word?

An actress will call everyone Darling, a market stall holder too in some areas. But someone else will only expect the word to be used when addressing the one special love.

‘Anything else Love?’ or ‘Something else My Lover?’ will be heard spoken to complete strangers in a shop. Others will restrict such words to the one they love.

Don’t be surprised to be called Beautiful Spirit or Precious in spiritual circles. In some countries and cultures words of endearment are common in conversation, in Spanish querido and cariño, meaning darling, are widely used. It is similar in Germany – liebling is widely used.

So when a Spanish spiritual friend writes to you calling you Beautiful Spirit, and uses such words… however innocent it is, if your partner sees it – unless you have an enlightened partner – expect trouble.

‘I love you’ …another cause for potential strife unless we get away from the restrictive notion that we can only love one person plus family members.

If I like a woman I will call her Precious or Preciosa, and female friends in Poland and Czech Republic for example will call me Darling. It is no threat to a primary relationship, unless the partner gets the wrong idea. As in other aspects of life, have open, honest communication with your partner, so that misunderstandings do not occur.

So what’s in a word? It all depends on your attitude to life, the culture of your country, and whether you have opened to the beautiful concept of unconditional love – where we can love anyone and any animal too, and say it – or whether words of endearment are strictly a sign of attachment to one’s partner (or family members).