Beauty benefits of petroleum jelly

Did you know that petroleum jelly can actually be used in your daily beauty routine? Please people don’t give me that weird look – petroleum jelly can solve many beauty related problems! Read away.

My perfume never lasts! Solution: rub a little bit of petroleum jelly onto your pulse or behind your ear before you squirt away your favourite perfume. It is proven to make it last longer!

Help those cuticles. We all know that cuticles always need some TLC, massage a little petroleum jelly into them once a day. Tip – If you do this before a manicure, it will help prevent your nail polish getting onto them.

Highlight cheeks. Apply a dab of petroleum jelly onto your cheekbones to give them a glowing radiant shine. It can also be used to give you that wet eye make-up look. Go on try it!

Remove make-up. Yes, it actually works. Petroleum jelly can remove eye make-up in a few swipes. Make sure you rinse it off afterwards to avoid contact with your eyes to avoid irritation.

Dry, chapped nose – I know, we all hate it when we’ve got a cold and we’re constantly blowing our nose so that we end up looking like Rudolph. Keep your petroleum jelly handy, and put some on your nostrils and sides of your nose to prevent the cracking and redness. Great soother.

DIY Lip Scrub – mix some petroleum jelly with a little sugar.

For soft skin – put a little petroleum jelly on your elbows, feet or hands to soften the dryness away, if putting on your feet or hands, wear a pair of socks/mittens before you go to bed and you’ll wake up with skin as soft as a baby’s bottom!

Dying your hair at home? Avoid getting hair dye on your skin – apply some petroleum jelly along your hairline. It also acts as a protector from all the harsh chemicals.

Creamy Powders. Transform your powder blush or eye shadow into creams! Mix them with a little bit of petroleum jelly, and there you go!