Basic hair tips for new mums

Having had a child just a couple of weeks ago, my “me time” is now almost non existent – a young child is very demanding and trips to the salon are almost impossible. However, having a new baby does not mean having to sacrifice style. Some basic tips can help banish the “mum ponytail”.

Most new mothers are normally tempted to cut their hair once the baby is born. Short hair definitely takes less time to style, what’s important however is to invest in a great haircut. Wash and wear short styles are probably the most ideal, such as a chic bob or a pixie look, as these do not require constant up keep. However not all mums are ready to sacrifice their beautiful locks. Those mums who decide not to go short can still add a little glamour without heading to the hair salon.

  • You can wear your hair half up instead of entirely pulled back in a ponytail. The top section can be teased to add some volume at the crown, creating a somewhat rock chick mum-on-the-go look.
  • Loose side braids are very quick and easy to style, they are a great alternative to a ponytail and are currently one of fashion’s hottest looks right now.
  • A messy bun looks effortless and chic and is literally just one step more than a ponytail!

If all else fails you can always buy a number of cute head bands to match a number of outfits and style your hair in these pretty scarves …and off you go!