Who was Gaetano Buttigieg?

Gaetano Buttigieg, better known as Gaetano Kanta, wrote his first Maltese songs in his youth, back in the fifties. His love towards the Maltese language led him to challenge the idea that the language sounded too harsh for popular songs. He was creative and original in his thoughts, and through a good number of songs, which he wrote to popular Italian and English tunes, he proved that Maltese can sound as good as any other language when words are skillfully adapted.

Buttigieg made use of the Rediffusion to broadcast his songs, which at the time was a modern means of communication. On general reuqest by Maltese listeners, his songs were published in booklets, reaching a total of twenty. These books were even sent to Maltese emigrants in Canada and Australia.

For those who recall the lyrics to the songs penned by Gaetano Kanta, this evening will not only be an entertaining one, but will also evoke a feeling of nostalgia through the various themes the songs explore. These include love and romance, life in Valletta under British rule, as well as children’s games and their mischievousness.

In order to commemorate Gaetano Kanta’s contribution, a live concert is being held. Event details.