High Heels: It’s A Love Hate Thing

© Ocean/Corbis

There’s no love-hate relationship quite like the one between a girl and her heels. For days we plan our outfits and never think to question our choice of shoes.

High heels always seem to be a no-brainer for a night out. They make us taller, tone our legs and make our figures more defined, so we ask ourselves ‘why wouldn’t you wear them?’

But alas, as the clock strikes 1am we begin to feel the consequences of our choice. You start to shift your weight from one foot to the other as the discomfort starts to set in. That familiar ache in the ball of your foot has started to intensify, you’ve tripped up the steps more than once and the floor of the club is starting to resemble an ice rink. You look around for assurance that you aren’t the only one struggling in your heels, but all you can see is other people dancing and having the times of their lives in flat, comfortable shoes.

It is at this point in the night that you swear to yourself never to wear heels again, but you will. I’m more than guilty of making this false promise to myself time and time again. But not only do I continue to wear heels, I continue to BUY them! It seems vanity has taken over and I am 100% guilty as charged.

The solution seems simple; don’t wear high heels. But I’m afraid it’s not that easy. Once heels find a place in your wardrobe, it’s heartbreaking to even consider evicting them.

The relationship between looking good and feeling good is definitely an important one. But how about vice versa? If we feel good then chances are we’re going to enjoy ourselves a hell of a lot more and will thus feel better about ourselves once the night is over, and we certainly aren’t going to feel good if we’re regretting our choice of shoe.

Whether we turn to wedges, only wear heeled shoes that have a platform or just go for a smaller heel altogether, a compromise may be the only way to save us from breaking up with our heels once and for all.

Authored by: Antonia Street