Opportunity to Pitch Artistic Projects

Teatru Salesjan is dedicated to finding exciting new works and artists of exceptional promise. We will strive to help produce art that presents new perspectives and engages with the world we live in today.

We are looking for original works or fresh adaptations and promising writers, composers and artists alike. We want to help tell bold stories that speak to a modern audience. If the voice is refreshing, or if the artwork is delivered with power, rigour or wit, we want to view it. Works could be in any language as long as they speak to a local audience.

The following objectives should give you a better idea of what we are looking for, what we find exciting and what we want our future audiences to experience:

Innovation – Artists and organisations are challenged to innovate. We welcome artists from various disciplines and see ways of how these different artists could collaborate to develop work. By doing so, we would be promoting an approach based on research to ensure sustainability. We will encourage unorthodox collaborations between disciplines e.g. Lacemakers with Poets or Jazz Players with Clowns.

Reach – More people are participating in the arts. We help integrate audience members to the work being developed to ensure ownership. By creating formative events for children, young people and adults at the theatre or in schools, we would be gradually attracting a new audience. We encourage collaborations with schools to create school programmes, youth agencies and youth centres to link young people together through art or local councils and charities to link adults. We will be collaborating with the gradual possibility of extending this to a wider European context.

Engagement – More people feel that the arts are meaningful to them. We want artists to touch upon issues relevant to audience members and introduce them with new ideas and viewpoints towards a particular subject, to instil discussion.

The theatre board is welcoming proposals from local or foreign artists and organisations from any artistic discipline who wish to present their works throughout the 2014/2015 season.

The TS calendar conventionally begins in October and ends in June. However as from next season, we will be segmenting the calendar into three different groups: October to December; February to April; June to August.

Artworks could take place in any area within the theatre complex, but could also extend to reach out to other locales within Tas-Sliema. This is a pitch, so ideas will eventually develop once accepted.

Project proposals are to be sent to info@teatrusalesjan.com by the 29th of March 2014.