Travel planning is half the fun…

Holidays are easier to plan when you are part of a couple’. THAT is one big whopper.

First of all, instead of trying to cater for the wants and dreams of one person, you have to take two people into consideration. Secondly, what you might need in life at the moment, may be totally different from what your partner is in the mood for. Also, the question naturally arises – what does our relationship currently need?

Should one go for a romantic, relaxing break in an idyllic location to enjoy the honeymoon period and start communicating more at a deeper level? Or should one opt to revive and kindle the excitement by visiting more thrilling and adventurous destinations? How about going native and flying to South America, or for a safari in Africa to experience new sights and emotions together? Or else be more classy, and book a room in a Castello in Venice for that much talked about special Valentine’s?

Be it as it may, compromise is the key word here. In other words, the way a couple tackles such an issue, also shows whether tougher and more critical decisions will be manageable in future. Things like budget, vacation leave, and common dates should be imperative of course – yet it is crucial to keep in mind that the way one plans, decides, and then actually carries out one’s holiday itinerary, could be a metaphor for the rest of the relationship, and show whether an extended commitment is doable or not.

Maybe it is true that a holiday can ‘make’ or ‘break’ a couple!