Spiritually: Connect With Your Essence

We live pressured lives in unstable, unpredictable times. People carry more and more stress. There is no time to enjoy the essence of life.

We forget that the material things, which we work so hard for, do not make us happy in the long term, even if we feel rewarded by our efforts to achieve them, and in the pleasure of first ownership. How do we find happiness? How do we speak the language of peace and love in a world where electronic communication has become so available? Our minds are bound by prejudices and negative feelings. Where is the source of energy which we can take power from to cope with increasing demands?

It is time to look within ourselves. The little voice within asks: Who Am I? What is my purpose on earth? How can the world become a better place? Why do some suffer more than others? Is there a God or a greater Force? The answers lie in Spirituality – the key to recover and take control of our lives and to find peace, purity and love; and the power to face challenges.

Peace brings equilibrium to the mind and allows it to flow with situations, not to fight them. We can recharge the batteries, the very Soul, the subtle invisible part of us, the spark, the life force which animates our bodies.

Within the soul lies peace, love, happiness, power and goodness, our essential qualities. We find these when we connect to our soul and we are then free to send these energies and qualities out into the world by our thoughts, words and actions.

When we connect internally with our soul we gain heightened perception and see people and situations as they really are. At this level we are no longer limited by culture, language, race and religion. We are all one. We are souls of one human family.

We can make this inward journey by experiencing quiet moments, being alone, being in nature and by regular meditation. We can empty the mind of the stresses and expectations of material happiness which society feeds to us and bask in the natural treasures which we all have inside – the natural flow of love, happiness, peace and fortune. Reflect and find the answers within and allow the pure spiritual energy to recharge us.