Pet Fashion: Cool or Cruel?

Everybody loves their pets, many would argue they are in fact their babies – simply another species. From Paris Hilton with her beloved Chihuahuas, to Kelly Osbourne’s (and the whole Osbourne family in fact!) precious pooches, and a whole array of other celebrities – we all, famous or not, love our pets. So is not normal then, that just as we would like to present ourselves in the best way, we want our pets to look the business too?

Nowadays jackets, hoodies, personalised t-shirts are the basic ‘norm’ for our pets. I know, whilst toilet training my puppy in his early months, the availability to this kind of clothing online was an absolute godsend as they stopped him shivering from the chill in the air and getting ill. Pet fashion is not just crazy owners abusing their animals by forcing them to wear ridiculous outfits, it actually has a practical function too.

The fact of the matter is that smaller dogs/animals will often get colder, and to not protect them from the elements would be more of a reason to report their owner for cruelty than spending large sums on stylish apparel to keep them looking AND feeling the best they can. I do not deny that there is an element of owner vanity in this area but we must not forget the valid use such clothing has – and as long as you are not distressing your pet, or making them uncomfortable then – why not?

In conclusion, I think that as long as your pet is happy, that is all that matters. People who do not even own a pet are certainly in no position to comment on whether people who do, should dress them. Further, the sacred bond between you and your dog/cat/horse/rabbit etc. is something that nobody else will understand unless they have experienced it themselves. For me, my animals are my babies, it is a two-way relationship and when they are happy I am happy, and vice versa. Like any relationship it works best when there is give-and-take and understanding.