Orange Lips For S/S 2014: How To Pull It Off

I’m sure you have seen orange lips popping up everywhere if you follow blogs, read magazines or watch anything trend orientated. I think it’s a perfect vibrant colour for the coming seasons but because it’s so loud, it can be hard to pull off. So here are a few tips for everyone on how to pull it off .

It is important to remember that the orange lip is the main statement so the rest of your makeup should be simple and based around it and not to clash with it.

1. Keep your base, fresh and neutral with a cc cream, tinted moisturiser or light foundation just to even out any imperfections.

2. You will need some blush because otherwise the orange can drain all colour from the face. Try a pinky coral colour for a pretty but not overdone effect. Personally I would skip bronzer and the rest because, remember, it’s the lip in focus.

3. For the eyes, I suggest only applying a few coats of mascara but if you love a bit of liner and shadow, keep it very soft. If you are really into
colour, you could apply a blue liner to contrast the orange but may be a bit much.

4. Now for the main part – the lips. If using quite a strong orange, I recommend applying a matching lip liner first to give you a guide. Apply lipstick to desired colour intensity and there you have it – fresh face brought to life by a vibrant statement lip.

This is a very easy look and I love it because who wants to be applying lots of make-up in the warmer months? This gives you a strong look by only using one statement colour and keeping everything else fresh.

If you feel the colour is too bold, opt for a tinted balm or gloss – there are so many options out there – even just to add a hint of the colour to your look.

Authored by Kim Kiernan