No One Looks Good In Everything

In my work as a stylist nothing makes me sadder than having to explain to a model or client that something doesn’t suit her, that a piece of clothing or a certain angle is making her look larger than she actually is.

Women can be fully depended on to take this sort of feedback badly, not get angry at the stylist but look-at-me-I’m-so fat-and-ugly kind of badly. I’ve tried all of the diplomatic approaches I can think of to deliver this message but to no avail, although delicateness does help the situation, some amount of sadness will always follow.

I’ve thought about this and I understand what the real problem is; when it comes to our hair we know that not every type of haircut suits the shape of our face, we accept this, learn to recognise the difference between a good cut and a bad cut and move on.

When it comes to clothes, the same sort of logic seems out of reach, women simply want to be able to wear every style of garment in existence, no matter if it’s meant for short/tall/boyish/curvy women… it seems as though as soon as a woman is told she shouldn’t wear something, panic ensues and this style of clothing suddenly becomes the most wanted style in existence. Is this simply a case of women always wanting what they don’t have?

So what is the poor stylist to do? I believe it is my duty to educate, to try and arm a person with enough knowledge so as to naturally gravitate towards styles that suit them. I will continue to be as delicate as possible when delivering this knowledge but I don’t believe in lying, I think it’s time we stopped craving what we can’t have and rejoiced in what we can have, we must learn to understand and love our natural body shapes.

As a parting, I will remind you again – a mantra to keep telling yourselves – “No one looks good in everything”.