Who will you be spending Valentine’s Day with?

Who will you be spending your Valentine’s Day with? Recent research by Bayer Animal Health in the UK has shown that one in four pet owners will in fact be spending this February 14th with their beloved animals.

Clearly I can see the logic to this. They are good listeners, love you unconditionally, always willing to please and completely loyal and trusting – how many of us could say the same of our partners?

These statistics have told us that the day will be spent with either just your pets, or your pets – as well as partners, friends or family. Whichever way you look at it, it seems your company on the day will not be limited to the human variety.

Further findings from the survey also show (fascinatingly!) that 16% of respondents with partners admitted that they felt more appreciated on Valentine’s Day by their pet than their other half AND perhaps most surprising of all – over 33% admitted that they would rather spend the day with their pet than bother going on a date.

70% of respondents remained sure that their pets knew what love is. So there you have it! Are we just plain bonkers or too smart to buy-in to a day of commercial exploitation and marketing genius? You decide. Either way have a great Valentine’s Day, whoever you’ll be sharing those cuddles and kisses with!

[Research by Bayer Animal Health UK. Based on a survey of 1,747 pet owners carried out between 14.01.14 – 20.01.14 by Opinion Matters – Insight Agency]