I love Jesus Christ!

A random range of everyday characters, you know, from super heroes to criminal to police officers, going about their daily business create a video game scene unawares.

You might think the US is definitely odd. Odd as to find a person in broad daylight dressed up as Dark Vader. Odd to have a person smashing a police patrol car to steal a laptop. Odd that the robber plays it so cool as to not even try to run away. Even more odd to have it all filmed, while the robber hails ‘I love Jesus Christ!’

As if it was a real HD Grand Theft Auto scene, police did rush to the scene to handcuff the robber. You might think that’s normal, you might think “where was Batman to safeguard Gotham City? Or Spiderman and his handy cobwebs?” You might think that, but in comes a phoney Superman at the end of the clip…. cities are sooo boring.