Love is … doing things together! Original Gift Ideas guaranteed!


Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to re-kindle that bond – who says it can only exist in the beginning of a relationship?

(We’ve hidden a few offers for couples in pink for you to discover..) Getting to know your partner all over again, in a whole new light and at a different time in your life can be extremely exciting and even surprising, and what better way to do this than creating more memories with your special someone. It’s very easy to stop dressing up for your partner anymore, and ending up watching a film and having dinner in your pyjamas on the sofa very often, and it’s ok and understandable, however it’s nice to dress up for each other once in a while and get out of the house.

You can go on a cinema date (like the good old days), a romantic movie will surely set the mood, followed by a romantic meal at one of your old favourite spots to end the night. Never have time to yourselves? Do you feel like other priorities are draining you and alone time relaxing with your partner sounds almost unreal?

A day of pampering together will definitely help you both unwind and revitalise. Full body massage, head massage, foot bath … doesn’t that sound lovely? Even working out together can actually be quite fun! Feeling good and healthy feels great, feeling good and healthy with your partner feels even better! Maybe you would like to go for something a bit more exhilarating, discovering each other’s adventurous ways again.

You can go for some adrenaline racing fun together at the Badger Karting racetrack – rediscover your partners competitive side! Or else, what’s more romantic than being surrounded by marine life? You and your partner can get a taste of scuba diving and book a trial dive together, then cuddle and warm up, perhaps with a nice cup of coffee at your favourite coffee shop. This can even lead to a common hobby, and you can eventually do an open water course if you decide to continue!

Go outdoors, breathe the fresh air and feel young and care-free again with your partner, buy a tent, and go on a camping trip. Snuggle up by a fire, and be free of technology, even if it’s just for one night. If you are both not the outdoorsy types and don’t think that is for you, you can book a one night’s stay at a hotel, and enjoy being away from home and not worrying about the house chores, you can even have a romantic breakfast in bed!

Get original this Valentine’s Day and surprise your loved one, make some new memories and enjoy the experience together!

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