Interview with Kristen Camilleri

Age:- 21

Where do you live:- Birkirkara

Status:- In a relationship

Star Sign:- Aquarius

Main occupation:- Administrator

Media-related occupation:- Singer/actress

Kristen Camilleri has just graduated in Criminology from the University of Malta and is currently working as a pension administrator within a private company. She has a great passion for both singing and acting and her commitment to these arts took off from the tender age of 5. She took part in various musicals conducted by the school she used to attend.

When Kristen grew older, she took private singing lessons which she still does nowadays. This gave her a boost in terms of singing technique and performance ability. “I’ve also been in the finals for Indifest in 2012 and 2013. It was the year 2012 which paved the way to an acting career on local television. I was first cast as Tiffany in D.R.E.A.M.S which gave me an opportunity to experience acting which is different than stage acting. The following year was a pretty successful one, since I was chosen to play the part of Katrina in the television series which carries the same name. Katrina is currently being aired every Thursday on TVM at 8.40pm.

What makes you happy?

Spending time with my family, friends and my boyfriend is what truly makes me happy. There’s nothing better than good company, a good chat over a yummy meal! I don’t go for extravagant and flashy things – I find happiness in simple things which turn out to be the most meaningful to me.

…and what angers you?

There are quite a few issues which frustrate me such as backstabbing, jealousy and deception, but I think that the issue which irritates me the most is when people mind other people’s business. I truly believe that everyone should do as he or she pleases, as long as it doesn’t influence or affect others in a negative way. So why intrude on other people’s lives if it’s not affecting your own? Why should we judge others and instruct them on what they should or shouldn’t do? I think that people who do so must have a really boring life if they find enough time to sit around and gossip about other people’s lives.

What are your comments about bullying? Were you ever bullied as a kid?

I can’t say that I’ve never been bullied, since there were instances when I’ve been verbally bullied by my peers, but I always managed to stand up and face my bully. It never felt as if I was a victim of bullying, since I didn’t let such infant behaviour bring me down. Luckily, I always found the support from my parents who encouraged me to push back such negative vibes through positive deeds. I think that bullying is an issue which is quite difficult to wipe out completely. Having said that, however, there can be ways and means to bring about further awareness to this vice. There should be programmes at school that would help victims of bullying by explaining how to handle such situations and how to confront the bully himself. There’s already a lot of awareness going on, but further input should be made to minimize the problem as much as possible.

Do you usually hoard things or regularly throw stuff out?

I don’t like to accumulate things, so yes I do throw out stuff that isn’t valuable. I make sure that my room is as tidy as possible as I can’t stand having a disorganised room. I consider myself to be a very organized person, so hoarding is a definite no no!

Do you have a grooming regime?

Yes I do, and I try to stick to it daily. Before applying make-up I wash my face with a facial cleanser, then I apply toner and I finish up with some moisturiser to make sure that my face is smooth and fresh. I try to scrub twice a week and I also use a tea tree mask twice a month to get rid of any blemishes or dead skin.