5 Romantic Things To Do For Your Significant Other

Re-Enact Your First Date Rent a Hotel Room Be A Classic Stay In; Go All Out Pop the Question

Valentine’s Day is by far one of the most overrated holidays of the year, but the thought behind it is one that we should all live by.

Whether you’re married, in a stable relationship or going through a rocky patch with your significant other, it’s time to show them just how much you love them.

Now don’t get me wrong, after a failed marriage, around eight long-term partners and many Valentines, I’m not this holiday’s biggest fan, but love is love – and without you thinking that Evelyn’s hit her head against a wall and gone all soppy, here are five things you can do to show your other half they’re special.

Re-Enact Your First Date: Remember when you first met and you used to get butterflies just by thinking about one another? Relive that! Surprise them by going to the place where you first met or had your first date, talk about silly stuff and just enjoy each other’s presence.

Rent a Hotel Room: If you’re in a relationship, then chances are you get sex frequently, which can get boring sometimes! So try a change of scenery by renting out a hotel room and trying out new things. Whether you’ve been together for a year or married for 20, it’ll spice things up like jalapenos on nachos.

Stay In; Go All Out: Make dinner, buy a gorgeous bottle of wine, set the table with candles and roses, dress up and simply bask in each other. Talk about everything and reminisce in days gone by and watch as you remember why a future together seemed like a sweet idea in the first place. Trust me, as a woman who’s had her fair share of dating, I can vouch that staying in is always a good idea and they’ll appreciate all the trouble you’ve gone through.

Be A Classic: There’s nothing wrong with chocolates and roses. Go over to your partner’s house with these – doesn’t matter if you’re a girl, be adventurous! – and hand them over the classic gifts. Take her or him to somewhere remote and make out for hours; buy a milkshake and share it. Be cheesy, God knows it’s the only shred of innocence we’ve got left these days.

Pop the Question: If you’re ready and you think you’ll get a ‘YES!’, then go for it! It’ll be the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever and your girlfriend/boyfriend will be over the moon. Just be careful you know what you’re doing; and for goodness’ sake, make sure you’ve already met the in-laws!

Any other ideas on romantic things you can do for your significant other on Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear from you!

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