Resolutions: One Month On


Are we still thinking about our New Year’s resolutions? Over the first week of January there were many debates – about how so many of us would forget all about these resolutions within the very same first month of 2014 – or about the whole concept being a ridiculous one.

Sure, any time can be a good time to make useful changes in your life. A good number of us feel that the beginning of a new year is a great time. Do you prefer your birthday? Or perhaps the end of summer? I believe that it really doesn’t matter as long as your method works for you!

And guess what? Some of us do keep our resolutions. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Use a sticky note or any other object to remind you of your goal. For example if you want to sit up straight you might want to place a sticker on the top part of your laptop. Every time you see the sticker you will remember to avoid slouching.

Redefine your goals: is your resolution too vague (e.g. eat healthier food) and you’re now finding yourself falling back into old habits? Be more specific with your choices and help yourself by having a look at your grocery list, your social activities and the contents of your fridge too. Sometimes you may need to set rules rather than leave your options too open. With time your new options will become more habitual, but know that at first you will need to be strict and even ‘trick’ yourself if need be.

Make it fun and make it about you. Some people opt for waking up at 5am come rain or shine to go for a jog or to the gym. For others, this might sound like a nightmare. If you’re more likely to turn up if you book a class at the gym, go for that. If you prefer to go for regular fast walks with friends, then this is the option for you. You know yourself well enough to be realistic without having a defeatist attitude. This is a very important point to keep in mind.

Re-evaluate: is this working for you? Are you achieving your goal? Are you happy? You might decide that this resolution isn’t what you wanted after all. That’s fine too, you know.

Finally – don’t let setbacks put you off. You don’t need to wait till next year to start all over. A random Tuesday in February is a good time as any, too.