Is the Brazilian Virgin coming (AHEM) to Malta?

Yet another update from Catarina Migliorini – the Brazilian student who was auctioning her virginity… she might be coming to Malta!

This is just the latest twist in Migliorini’s nail-biting (sort of) saga. After her first attempt at getting her cherry auctioned resulted in the deal never being

consummated, Migliorini decided to put it on sale again (just like any high-street chain store would – if high street chain stores sold virginity, that is).

However, during the second round of… (ahem) tendering, during which she received an offer of $440,000, someone threw a spanner in the works (not a euphemism) by offering Migliorini something more. No not a threesome. Marriage.

An unnamed Arab millionaire has been wooing Migliorini over skype. And she is considering his proposal. He is between 35 and 40 and very romantic. Oh and he lives in a beautiful mansion.

Her suitor has suggested that they meet up in Malta (wahey, we get a mention in a sex story) and Migliorini is keeping her options open.

She has decided to extend the time window on her virginity auction till February 12th because, as she told the Huffington post: “As summer is here (in Brazil) now, and [there are lots of] holiday parties, I decided to extend the time so I could analyze everything well in advance.”

Because of course as everyone knows, partying throughout summer is a great way to keep your virginity enacted.