Organising Your Fridge: Safe and Economical

Ways to organise your fridge

Did it ever occur to you that the way you organise your fridge can have an effect on its efficiency and also on your health? Here are a few simple ways to make your fridge more economical and tidy, whilst avoiding mistakes that can cause you harm.

  • Keep your fridge and freezer organised

The first tip is a no-brainer; and yet how many of us actually label things in the freezer? Or keep the condiments all on one shelf? The longer it takes for you to find something, the longer your fridge or freezer is kept open. If you’re placing something in the freezer that you think might not be easily recognisable at a later date, such as herbs, soups, pies or products where the outer packaging has been removed, simply stick a label on the outside with a description and date and an expiry date if applicable.

  • Keep safety in mind

In professional kitchens  fridges are organised with safety in mind by storing cold foods according to their cooking temperature. So from top to bottom you will find prepared foods that can be served cold or re-heated (leftovers or ready-to-eat foods such as cheese); then at the bottom you will find foods that need a longer cooking time such as chicken. In this way you will avoid cross-contamination through dripping from above, because the food on the shelf below will be cooked to a higher temperature.

Vegetables should be kept in the drawers and these should be cleaned often. Condiments can go in the door shelves or towards the top of the fridge too.