Men’s biggest turn-offs in bed

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Men might love sex but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to getting turned off.

As I have come to realise over the years, different people have different wants and needs in bed, but even when you’re giving it your all, having sexual chemistry is a gift not all couples are bestowed with.

While I’m sure women have their own list of things that annoy them in bed, sometimes when I get together with my mates we end up discussing the biggest turn-offs in bed – here are some of the top things they’ve mentioned.

Hand-jobs At One Speed: The penis works in mysterious ways, but one thing that all penises hate is being jerked off at one, monotonous pace. Advice: Make sure you change speed and grip every now and then to stimulate different parts of our manhood.

Moaning: It’s something many of us enjoy unless the woman ends up sounding like a cat being strangled. Advice: Don’t mimic porn. Porn is fun to watch, but we understand that that’s a fantasy. Breathe deeply and moan like a lady. Whether your boobs are out or not should not affect your composure.

Talking Dirty: Some of us like it, while others hate it. We particularly dislike it when you talk to our penis or sound like you’re talking to a child. Advice: As someone great and famous once said: ask and you shall receive! If you enjoy talking dirty, ask your man: Do you like it when I talk dirty? If your man nods or says ‘hell yeah!’ then start off slowly. Ask him: Tell me what you want to do to me! And take it from there.

Crying: We understand that sex can be emotional and we feel like doing it too sometimes, but containing yourself is vital, particularly because crying is the least sexual thing you can do. Advice: If you’re feeling emotional tell your man you’re not up for it on that particular occasion. Ask him to talk instead. If he’s a decent chap, he’ll sit down and listen to your woes.

Making Your Orgasm The End: I know, this sounds rather ironic, particularly because a lot of men end up doing this – trust me, WE KNOW we don’t always manage to give you an orgasm, but it hurts our feelings too when you come and we’re there banging a dead log. Advice: Look at us in the eye, pull us in and kiss us, play with our nipple and enjoy the fact that we’re enjoying you so much we don’t want it to end!

What do you think of James’s list? Do you agree? Disagree? We’d like to know!