What Is Tantra Massage?


One practical aspect of tantra is tantra massage. It is mistakenly thought by many to be just an erotic massage, or some sexual service. Of course those exist too… If you want an erotic massage or a “happy ending”, go to someone who gives them.

In an earlier article I gave a simple explanation about the philosophy of Tantra http://www.eve.com.mt/2013/06/10/what-is-tantra/

Tantra is partly about the oneness of sexuality with spirituality – not as two separated concepts.

Any massage is about removing tensions and energy blockages in the body. That is also true for tantra massage. The professional “tantrica” will first connect with the client with rituals of honouring the divine power of each, breathing together and creating a sacred space with the intention of working to unblock the body and allow energies to flow.

The energy centre of the body, according to many cultures, is the area close to and below the belly button, the lower chakras, the Dantian (Chinese). It is also the area of creative and sexual energies, both for creation of new human life, and creation of art and enterprise.

Most people have some sexually based “hang-ups” from past experiences, perhaps abuse and traumas of fear, also suppression of accurate sexual information… that taboo subject, as well as other traumas from being in the womb, birth and through childhood. Also, we put up internal armour, emotionally, to protect ourselves from repeating a bad experience like rejection, disappointment in love, or much worse.

Any of these can “block” the energies in this part of the body. Some people report that they have no feelings at all in this area and literally feel numb. Emotional and physical de-armouring can be another purpose of the massage, and giving the recipient a safe space to re-open to intimate touch where they have shut down. They can receive without obligation to give.

The massage will be over the whole body with particular emphasis on the energy centre, getting the energies moving, and allowing them to flow to the whole body, and including touch of the genital areas. Well who decided that massage of these areas, breasts too, was inappropriate? In the Hindu culture, for example, there were no such taboos and restrictions. In fact it was a “temple art”.

Orgasm is not the goal of a tantra massage although it can happen. In fact for men it is recommended to avoid unnecessary ejaculation as it is considered to be an energy loss from the body. Massage for men can include the prostate, and that is an ideal way to inspect that gland physically as undue swelling is an indicator that prostate cancer may be present.

Woman can choose to receive a specific g-spot massage, and clients have told me that tantra massage is better than sex, especially as they can lie back and receive (be the centre of attention) and have no obligation to please a partner as in sexual activities. Many women are “givers” in all aspects of life, and find it hard to receive. Tantra massage is an ideal way to open to the concept of receiving. It all happens in a slow, unhurried way.

What I described can all apply to one person, but when lovers both follow a tantric path, they can make a deep conscious spiritual and physical connection allowing their relationship to be much stronger and longer lasting than the average mismatched couple. Tantra training for couples is available.

Are you ready, and open minded enough, to try a tantra massage?