How to Foster Your Talent

If you have any sort of talent, you may want to develop it further. And so you should! This article will teach you how.

Everyone’s good at something: some at singing, others at playing an instrument, others still at being jackasses… and some think they can do it all. Whatever it is you are good at, here are some ways to help you foster your talent and take it to the next level.

Take It Slow: Our brains are amazing machines, but that doesn’t mean they’re infallible. Take things slowly and work at them one step at a time. If you’re a designer and you’re learning how to sew, start from zips and buttons and master them, then take on hems and so on and so forth. Doing things at a leisurely pace (but not lazily) will help your mind register what’s being done, learn it and store it!

Love Your Mistakes: It’s a cliché, but it’s completely and utterly true: humans make mistakes. So instead of beating yourself up about them, figure out what went wrong and learn from them. It might take some time, but once you crack it, you’ll have learnt a lesson for life.

Don’t Over-Practice: You have a time-frame when you’re focused on your work and, once that time-frame’s over, it’s useless. The key to the practice-makes-perfect argument is to be sure that you’re focused; if you’re not, you’re just wasting your time. Having said that, practicing every day will definitely help you advance in your skill.

Remind Yourself: The problem with having a natural talent is that it is often taken for granted. At the beginning you’re in love with the idea that people could compliment you on your talent and the fact that you’re good but, later on, when it becomes a daily activity, it gets a bit boring. Remind yourself what it is about your talent that makes you special and hold on to that feeling!

Learn From Others: If you’re a painter, go to art museums. If you’re a musician, go to concerts. Inspiration is a great motivator and you’ll automatically want to better yourself. Just make sure you don’t plagiarise!

Susan Boyle amazing performance at Britains Got Talent in 2009.

What do you think of James’s ideas to help foster your talents? Do you have any other advice? Let us know!