Interview with NORMA SALIBA

Photography by Will Camilleri Photography by Clifton Fenech

Age:- 32

Where do you live:- Siggiewi

Status:- Committed

Star Sign:- Taurus

Occupation:- Current affairs journalist at TVM

Norma Saliba started working as a sports journalist about 16 years ago as a contributor with ONE TV.  She was involved in various TV and radio programmes covering sports events.  Moreover she used to be a sports caster during the main news bulletins.  After a short break from the media, she was engaged with PBS as a news journalist where she produced and presented news and current affairs programmes.  In fact, Norma used to be one of the newscasters of the 8pm news bulletin. She also won an award at the TV Awards for producing Montage, a lifestyle programmed covering local and foreign gossip news.

Afterwards, she was entrusted with setting up a newsroom within the newly private TV station Favourite Channel where she had the opportunity to manage the News Department.  For more than two years, Norma also worked as Media Coordinator within MEUSAC (Malta-EU Steering & Action Committee) where she was responsible for the media-related affairs of this entity, namely by issuing a monthly newsletter with The Times, producing and presenting a weekly radio programme, and also producing various radio and TV adverts for more awareness about Malta-EU issues. Since August 2013, Norma has now been re-instated at PBS News Department again, as a current affairs journalist and has been given the responsibility to be involved in the production and presentation of TVAM, the daily breakfast show on TVM.

How did you first discover you had a talent for presenting and producing on TV?

I think I followed my father’s traits who is a veteran sports journalist.  He used to take me along with him since I was a child to the national broadcaster’s radio and TV studios.  I think it was natural for me to become involved in the media sphere, as I have been attracted to this career to the extent that I used to imitate my father while studying, by reading my notes as if I were a newscaster.

What’s the best bargain you have ever made so far?

I currently have a sponsor for TVAM. They let me borrow Versace and Moschino clothes for the programme and I get a discount when purchasing clothes or accessories from this shop. Recently, I’ve bought a pair of Versace shoes that are quite unique, stylish but classic, and for a Versace I think they are quite a bargain!!!

Do you have a grooming regime?

I use good quality products for my daily skin routine so that my skin feels healthier and the make-up I must apply daily looks better. I go for monthly facials, and occasionally for other beauty treatments so that I try to break away from my busy schedule. Recharging myself is essential especially as I have to strike a balance between my career and my family commitments, as after a long day at work I have to switch to my mother-housewife role at home! My friend takes care of my nails on a monthly basis, while twice to three times a week I have a hairdressing appointment to maintain a sophisticated and modern look for my TV duties and the numerous events I’m invited to.

Can you describe your state of mind while presenting?

Alert, inquisitive and spontaneous !!

What is it that you cannot live without?

My son Mátyás.

What are your weaknesses?

I am a perfectionist, and despite that it is considered to be my strength, I think that it can also be a weakness at times as not everyone has this approach. Sometimes, I go out of my way for a professional outcome on TV and to succeed in life!