Today I read an article which I couldn’t stop thinking about, even though it is of no worldly importance at all, it’s just one of those posts that gets people’s attention so that we have something to discuss.

It’s about a new skinny-trend which has caused thousands of selfies being posted on social media with #bikinibridge. The woman writing this article is clearly non-slim and somewhat bitter. I feel that this is just as bad as bullying overweight people.

This is the part that got my attention:

“Frankly, unless you were born with naturally protruding hip bones and/or missing ovaries, there’s no way that sunken image of the bikini bridge is even remotely attractive.”

So basically, when I’m on the beach wearing my bikini, this woman would pass by thinking that I am very unattractive –  I’m sorry but I was born this way! Not only was I born with hip bones creating a bridge between the stomach and bikini pants when I lie down, I was also born with space between my thighs. Again, I’m sorry that this woman is so repulsed by the fact that when I – and so many other women out there – put my feet together and stand up straight, there is a space between my thighs.

This is not due to starving myself, nor any other form of crazy diet – it is purely because of my ‘slim genes’. Sure, I do work out every day and I stick to a diet referred to as common sense but regardless if you are born this way or not, she still finds it very unattractive. I don’t see why she has any right to point this out only because she cannot keep up with this trend, which by the way is a ridiculous one, that I can agree with.

Does it matter if you exercise your way to a new body trend or if you are born that way? It’s up to each and every person to keep their body how they wish.

She also says, “You mean to say that somewhere between where I’m supposed to carry babies and where I digest my nutrients, I’m also supposed to have a concavity that is indicative of my fitness?!”

Well, I have been pregnant and given birth without problems. I doubt my bikini bridge and thigh gap was any cause for alarm and yes, you can do both – look fit and carry babies. But again, no one is forced to follow this silly trend, it’s simply either that some people are born that way or they choose to work towards it. Not much of a biggie, but since she brought it up, next summer I will snap a selfie of my “horrible features” and email them directly to her with a note saying that I am sorry, but I am happy with myself and my gaps J

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