You can live your truth

Some things in life, love, and work are perfect while some things you desire and need are missing. You visualise them… you compromise.

For example, why does someone take a lover? There is some unsatisfied need or want.

Perhaps you lack the courage to confront your partner to try to improve things? Or you have discussed the shortfalls and nothing changed – and nothing will change? Perhaps you know from experience that saying what you really want will make matters worse for you?

So you take a secret lover, or do something else secretly that your partner will not approve of that can satisfy your body and, maybe, your soul too. But you are not living your truth.

You are living a lie. This also feels wrong and out of balance. It is the comfort zone of discomfort. You live two lives.

It is often said that what you visualise is what you get in life. Is it your time to leave the lie behind and live an open, honest truth?

Human beings are no longer accepting secrets and deception. Look at WikiLeaks. Their purpose is: We are of assistance to peoples of all countries who wish to reveal unethical behaviour in their governments and institutions. The public is ready for this. The corrupt governments and institutions are fighting to protect their unethical ways.

So it is with individuals. It is time to be transparent and honest, or to work towards it. However, if all became transparent overnight there would be chaos so take one step at a time.

Visualise the truth that you want to live, in openness and honesty, and make the necessary moves to live that truth and to be that truth. Do it in a way that won’t hurt others. If it means moving on from an unsatisfying relationship, the act of moving on is not hurting the other – it is a necessary adjustment – but be as kind as possible to the partner in any move to find your right balance and to find your truth.

Imagine a world with no lies, no anger, no jealousy, and no deception. Visualise it. It will come.