Spark Creativity in the Office


One of the most sought after qualities in employees is certainly creativity. That spark of genius which can lead an organisation to unimaginable success and innovation.

Inspiring your personnel goes beyond simply placing them in a room together and telling them that it is now time to brain storm.

Here are a few suggestions on how to promote creativity within the office:

Design matters: Provide airy, well-lit offices infused with colour for improved creative performance. Just look at the Google Offices, they do not use colour just to be quirky. Brand your office space to create a sense of community and choose what mood you want your office to reflect.

Encourage expression. Allow plenty of different mediums for personnel to vent out their creative steam. Whether it is with white boards scattered around the office, fun notebooks or comfy sofas, they can all lead to effective problem-solving.

Offer different settings for different people at different times: Sometimes people need a quiet location to come up with some good ideas, at other times they need to discuss things with others on the team. Whether it is in a closed off office with desk, in a boardroom or on a sofa, it is great for employees to be able to choose in which environment they feel most comfortable and most productive.

Personal spaces: Allow your employees to personalise their office space with a plant, a photo frame or small figurine. Some companies even go as far as allowing their employees to bring their pets to work.

Encourage hobbies: Having an after-work activity helps an individual’s brain to relax and come up with good ideas. Feeling that hobbies are encouraged helps transfer the creative energy to the office.