The Right Gown for The Right Competition (Part 3 of 3)


Selecting the ideal pageant gown requires balancing a host of different considerations: from the image of the pageant you are entering, to the image your gown conveys, the judges, your body type and any figure flaws, as well as skin tone and hair colour under stage lights!

The Right Colour

Choosing the right colour for you can be daunting but usually contestants are influenced by current trends and by looking at colours worn in previous contests. Colours that do well during evening gown competitions are white, black, nudes/beige skin tones, pastel/acqua/turquoise, medium blues, deeper blues, metallic gold and silvery hues.

The colours that are usually unsuccessful are brown, grey, camel, rust, mustard, olive green, navy blue, dark purple, orange and stripes.

Bras and Undies for Pageant Evening Gowns

Proper undergarments are the foundation for that perfect look! Undergarments include backless long-line bras, bust-to-hip bustiers, bust cups, waist-cinchers, T-panties and hosiery with built-in panties.

The bust is an important feature in pageant clothing, so a good bra defines, shapes and supports.

Competitors often wonder what type of panties to wear. Although some girls wear ‘T-panties’ pageant clothing specialists usually recommend creating a smooth waist to thigh silhouette with sheer to waist pantyhose.

Pageant Jewellery

Accessories are a must and have to be impeccable. Jewellery enhances and finishes the look. It must never overpower a face. Facts to be taken into consideration are the contestant’s neckline; the girl’s weight, hair and eyes followed by the dress design; facial shape and size. The hairstyle completes the final look.

Avoid anything that pulls a judge’s attention off your face.

Most importantly have fun participating in pageants and shopping for the evening gown!