Wedding Beauty Tips


Everyone strives to look their very best on their wedding day, so here are a few tips that brides-to-be can resort to, especially if they plan to take care of their beauty regime themselves.

Be Yourself – Your husband-to-be does not want to see a complete stranger walking towards him down the aisle. You should look like your own self on your wedding day, so if you usually don’t go about parading a full face of heavy make-up, there is no reason why your wedding day should be different!

Love your look – If you don’t plan to do your makeup yourself, then make sure that you find a make-up artist who will make you feel at ease. Also, ensure that you do a make-up and hair trial before your big day and be absolutely positive that you are comfortable with your final look.

Perfect your skin – Your first priority should be to get perfect looking skin. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturise and prime for a flawless canvas. And remember, if you intend to use fake tan, DON’T GO OVERBOARD!

Eyes or Lips – As usual, the cardinal rule here also applies to wedding make-up. Choose which features you want to accentuate and go for it.

Eyelashes – You may need to use an eyelash curler to make the most out of your lashes. Unless you are naturally blessed with long, sweeping lashes, you may also wish to opt for false eyelashes – I would recommend getting a professional to do them for you.

Waterproof mascara – Not everyone tears up at weddings, however, if you tend to get emotional then waterproof mascara is the way to go – it will avoid any streaking disasters.

Keeping lipstick in place – To solve the problem of having lipstick budging from its place, you can either use a long-lasting lipstick or else you can try the following:

  • Gently use a toothbrush to scrub your lips to get rid of any flaky bits
  • Apply a lipbalm to moisturise the lips
  • Apply a lip liner prior to your lipstick and fill in your lips
  • Apply your lipstick using a lipbrush
  • Dust some translucent powder over your colour to lock it in place

Waxing – Make sure you wax no less than 48 hours before a big event… this will ensure that any redness will go down by the time you walk down the aisle.

Avoid oily skin – To keep any excess oil at bay, make sure to set your make-up with a light dusting of translucent powder. Then, throughout the day or night, as the case may be, use blotting papers to banish any excess oil that may crop up.

Enjoy yourself!! The most important thing of all… Enjoy your big day to the full!