Black Tea

Jeffrey Bowman

I was in bed catching up on a book I was trying to finish, with a cup of black tea in my hand. I must admit this was what I had been looking forward to for ages but was not finding any time for. Although the setting was perfect, there was just one problem – the black tea was giving off a scent that was making me slightly nauseous. Quite trivial, true, but this set me thinking, why don’t I just get up and put the cup away, why do I have to continue forcing myself to accept the smell of the black tea and even bother to try sipping it at all?

Many times, we end up doing things that we don’t want to do, but because they are available we continue doing them anyway and we try to convince ourselves that we actually like these things.

So what do we do? Do we stop, irrelevant to the consequences that follow or do we continue drinking that ‘cup of black tea’, which though almost bearable, you could do without? Do we continue drinking from that cup, dreaming of a way out or do we just throw it away?

I left the cup of black tea in my hands, till it turned cold and by accident I ended up spilling some of it on the bed. After that I obviously couldn’t drink anymore, so I guess I should have put it away – maybe I should not have taken that cup of tea in the first place and stuck to the English saying of ‘that is not my cup of tea’, literally.

I guess I know now and I suppose this answers the above questions, whatever they might refer to…