Placenta Frames

Metro UK

Do you ever spend time choosing your photo frames?

Do you prefer classical or more modern designs? Do you like certain woods? Or maybe silver is more your thing.

Or at a stretch, placenta.

Yes. That placenta.

Artist Amanda Cotton (who I bet really loves photos) creates frames out of placenta, so that new mums can display photos of their kids to the world. (I suppose you could display photos of whatever you wanted, but it would just seem weird to have your long lost uncle Joe in there).

Once Amanda gets her hands on the placenta she dries it, crushes it, and then makes a stylish frame out of it, creating a marble effect.

Enabling you to keep a tiny piece of your mucosa in your living room. The perfect conversation piece. If you like talking about afterbirth.

What do you reckon ladies? Would you frame your pics with placenta? Nice, or yukk?