Compromising Maltese Selfies


Have you ever experienced that feeling of equal parts helplessness and anger when your mobile was stolen? And that’s if you had no compromising pictures saved on it! Can you imagine what else would go into the mix if you had some nude selfie’s there too?

And what about some assh*le ex(hopefully)-boyfriend who showed his friends or even worse, leaked on the net, nude pictures of you taken during intimate moments which were supposed to remain an intimate memento between just the two of you? Not that far-fetched as some readers probably know only too well, unfortunately. A friend of mine lucky enough to pay attention to her sixth sense, which was screaming at her to close the blinds of her boyfriend’s shared apartment, had a near miss. Turned out his roommates were watching the unravelling steamy action from the neighbour’s apartment but were given a hefty dose of her rage.

Some women end up being porn stars unwittingly. There are even local websites promoting unethical behaviour that caters to these unsavoury types – and hey, submitters confidentiality is assured… how ethical!

Unreliable boyfriends and unprofessional photographers taking, ahem, artistic photos may shoot you, and gyp you, in an instant but the repercussions of your invasion of privacy can last a life-time.