Interview with RONALD BRIFFA

Where do you live: Fleur de Lys

Status: Unknown

Star Sign:- Capricorn

Main occupation:- Chairperson

Media-related occupation:- Producer/Program host

RONALD BRIFFA’s starting point was on the stage. In 2002 he was invited to join a team of young presenters on TVM to co-host D-Mix. In 2004 Ronald moved to and embarked on his radio show experience. For a couple of years he played the side-kick with his partner in crime, Frank Zammit. They presented a fun filled, turn-the-studio-upside-down evening show before Radio 101 directors decided to take the plunge and ask them to move to the breakfast slot – his favourite slot to date.

In the meantime, in 2006 Ronald started his 4 year Mini Bugz experience with the rest of the team. In 2010 with the programme Puree things got messy. Indeed, after a year long stint liquidizing guests’ food on Net, they moved to the pre-8pm news slot on TVM.

During that year he was also co-hosting the breakfast show on Radju Malta. During that schedule Ronald presented the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. In 2012 he returned on Net TV and 101, co-presenting Meze’ and Bozza tal-Mija with Josef Bonello (more like the Maltese version of Laurel and Hardy) and 101 Breakfast Club with Toni Busuttil.

Ronald is currently producing a teen show – Teeny Break (Tini Brejk) and producing/presenting NET’s Tuesday evening show – Mhux Bondi.

How did you first discover you had a talent for presenting and hosting?

I never actually did. It all happened by co-incidence. I never wanted TV and Radio to be my full-time job, as I always thought of presenting as something which I simply enjoy doing. However, they occupy the majority of my time.

What’s your opinion about tattoos? Do you own one or more?

Like any other addition to the human body, such as piercing and plastic surgery, it is all about a personal choice. I don’t own any.

What do you prefer – women or cars? Tell us why…

Ha ha… things don’t always go well – with both of them. Despite the fact that I get less moaning from cars, I don’t really consider myself a car person.

What would you say is wrong with the world today?

We created the problems we complain about.