Stay on Top… Nails

Dark, bewitching colours are big this season. Olive-toned nails have been seen combined with gunmetal and slate blue; while emerald green, navy, glossy blacks, black plum and burgundy are popular too.

Femme fatale reds: retro reds in Tomatoe were seen at Valentino and Chanel; and Garnet shades were big at Burberry. A quirky take on grunged red was seen at Holly Fulton when it was combined with a black French Manicure tip.

Nude or naked nails are huge this season too along with a short and square shape with rounded corners, as was frequently seen on the catwalk.

Opt for the squaletto shape if you wish to keep your long lenghts. Update long almond and stiletto shaped nails by giving them a square flat top.

Along with the weather, nail art is getter cooler too this season in terms of popularity. However, loyalists can be inspired by Sophy Robson’s tortoiseshell nail art or Katie Hughes multi-coloured crystal talon styling.

Textured effect nail polishes and stick-on kits and jewel appliqués are gaining popularity.