Does your child feel different from other children, sense the presence of invisible friends or spirits, know that something has happened to a relative or friend as it happens, not accept your “white lies” of explanation. Is s/he wise beyond his/her age, appears to be unmotivated at school, even to the point that teachers or doctors diagnose some clinical problem, like Autism; or see no point in nights out getting drunk like most young adults?

If the answer to any of these is positive, then perhaps you are blessed with one of the special children of our age. In the 1970s they were called Indigo children, some had indigo auras, and were the spiritual warriors, hating injustice and discrimination, and standing up for what they believed. They still do, and can seem abrasive, while clearly being open and spiritual too.

Their purpose is to bring change where there is greed, abuse of power, ignorance, and to bring light to the World.

The next generation, Crystal children, born around the 1990s, are softer in nature, more sensitive, but still have a mission to bring love and peace to the planet. Often with big staring eyes, they seem to look into your soul, and can communicate telepathically, even as babies, so perhaps they started talking later than other children, later showing more advanced skills in other areas.

And now, the next generation are being born, known as Rainbow children.

So why do I write this? Simply, many of these conscious, sensitive children are not recognised for their special abilities which can advance the evolution of conscious awareness and honest, transparent government and business. At worst some are drugged to dull their senses as they do not conform to what is expected. At best they remain lost and not understanding their purpose, or why they don’t “fit in”. Some feel like they are from another planet and don’t belong here.

They cannot talk to parents or friends and perhaps they don’t have friends.

It is important that we recognise these special children with understanding, and where possible connect them with similar people, their true peers, and others who understand them.

Search Google and YouTube and you will find much information, which can help you understand them and help them to understand who they are. There is no need for them to feel alone. There are others in Malta too, and elsewhere. You are welcome to contact me.