The Gift Guide

It’s that mind-boggling time of year again when we need to come up with ideas on what to buy our loved ones. You may have reached that point in a relationship where you’ve bought presents for every occasion and now  you’re at a loss on what to purchase next. Here are a few tips that might help you decide on the ideal gift this Christmas for a few people you might want to shop for.


Why not treat your mum to a beauty gift? Whether it’s a make-up gift pack, that perfume she has been hinting about this last month or a body care gift set, you are bound to make her happy this Christmas.


No man can have enough ties. Your dad would appreciate this ideal and useful gift and would think of you every time he has to dress up to go to that awful wedding or formal occasion.


If he’s into video games, you can never go wrong by finding out what’s on his wish list with regards to games. However, if you’re looking for something different, why not get him an elegantly packaged wallet and card holder? It’s a charming gesture to show him your love even though you want to kill each other most of the time.


In my opinion, I think sisters are the best to shop for. You will probably end up purchasing something you want for yourself so that you can borrow it off her later! You can never go wrong with a pretty statement necklace or a bold watch.


Here, you must keep in mind that boys are VERY different from girls. We don’t mind getting another cute clutch bag, even though we’ve lost count on how many we have roaming around in our closet. However, boys think that presents should be something that they need at that point in time. So make sure you start with some subtle interviewing beforehand to figure out what they need this Christmas.


Girlfriends will probably start hinting a month before Christmas as to what they would like this year so keep your ears wide open to everything she says! Surprise your girlfriend with that pair of boots she’s been dying to buy for herself. If your girlfriend’s a book worm, then it’s easy. There is no such thing as having too many books.


If your best friend’s a girl, a Christmas jumper is the way to go. They are very fashionable during this festive season and so comfy at the same time. You cannot go wrong with this gift. If your best friend’s a guy, you might need to go back to the boyfriend section with regards to their reasoning towards presents. However, if you’re looking for a simpler gift, why not purchase a patterned IPad/laptop/mobile case? It’s a small gift to show your appreciation for being the good friend that he is.

Obviously, one might want to consider the person’s likes and dislikes before purchasing anything but this gift guide might be of good use to those of you who need that extra boost for their Christmas shopping. Happy spending!