When it comes to preserving beauty, rain and cold air are rough conditions that can take a toll on your skin and hair. The result is skin becoming rough and flaky whilst hair feels dry and loses its shine. The following beauty tricks will help you keep your skin smooth, your hair shiny and your make-up looking fresh despite the rough weather outside.

Use a humidifier: This will add extra moisture into the air and will prevent you from getting dry skin and eyes during the winter. However, make sure that you change the water in your dehumidifier regularly as breathing in dirty mist may cause breathing problems.

Use a creamy cleanser: This will encourage cell turnover and will remove any dead skin cells accumulating on the skin’s surface.

Use a rich moisturiser: Following a shower, pat skin dry and apply a rich moisturiser. This will help lock moisture into your skin. Furthermore, moisturise again before going to bed for best results.

Bronze away: Skin tends to become paler during winter, so add some glow by applying some bronzer to your skin. DON’T GO OVERBOARD …you are after a slight glow and not a full-blown tan!

Reduce static: Moisture conducts electricity, so low humidity and temperatures leave hair prone to static. Try to control static with your hairbrush by using a boar-bristle brush. Also, avoid styling products with alcohol.

Condition before you wash: Coat dry hair with a deep conditioner for up to an hour in order to trap moisture into the hair. Following this, shampoo with a moisturising formula and follow with a leave-in conditioner.

Take shorter showers: Something we might not be aware of is that hot water strips the skin leaving it dehydrated and itchy. Keep your showers under ten minutes long and use water that is just warm enough.

Lip balm: Lips are a sensitive part of our body and can crack in cold weather, which is usually painful. Slather on a rich lip balm all over your lips several times during the day.