Get Sold On Fighting That Cold

Getting sick is really the pits. Achey, tired muscles, fever, mucus, phlegm and runny eyes. No fun at all. I’m sure nobody likes being stuck at home with the flu, but I hate it especially because I end up missing out on so much stuff: my day job, my social life and physical training.

Also, my house ends up a mess as who in the world feels like doing housework while running a fever? However, there are things one can do to improve the odds for staying healthy:

1) A soluble vitamin C tablet never did anyone any harm. Vitamin C gives the immune system a much needed boost, especially when there’s a lot of illness going around.

2) Wash your hands frequently. A little hand sanitiser never hurt anyone either. The most innocent of places can be absolute germ factories. Door knobs are especially latent with microbes. The best is to open susceptible doors with a paper towel and then throw it in the bin.

3) Stress lowers the immune system. Take a time-out every so often during the day, even if its a few minutes for breathing space.

4) Keeping a balanced diet where a quarter of what’s on the plate is protein, another quarter is starch and half is vegetable is a perfect cold shield.

So folks, stay informed and arm yourselves against the cold season, it is definitely a battle nobody is keen on losing, especially with the Christmas season upon us. Keep well everybody!