George Clooney lookalike Gary Tate lives a jet-set lifestyle thanks to his similarities to the hollywood heart-throb.

Tate, who runs a cleaning firm as his day job, has appeared in movies, TV shows and music videos, and he has been flown around the world thanks to his looks.

He has even been asked to sleep with a businessman’s wife.

The indecent proposal came when the woman was turning 40. Her (understanding) husband offered Tate £5,500 to do the deed with her as a gift for her birthday (much nicer than slippers). She was, you see, mad about George, but seeing as they could not get him (must have been busy) Tate seemed like the next best thing.

Tate was single at the time, but did not go along with it. Because it ‘just felt so wrong’.

So maybe slippers it was.

What do you think girls? Would you sleep with someone who looked like your favorite heart throb? Or would it have to be the real thing?