Did you ever see something in a shop that you wanted and, for whatever reason, not buy it? Perhaps a book, a pair of shoes, or whatever. You felt that you could not spare the money that day or you were just indecisive then when you arrived home you regretted the decision or the indecision.

Next time you passed the shop, you went in and what you wanted was no longer there.

Did you ever not do something because ‘I am too busy’?

You know that ‘I am too busy’ is really an excuse. You can find time in the busiest day for a few minutes of silence to connect with the inner You, your higher self. We can all be more time efficient if we decide to be.

The three most important things in life according to Prahbu Darmayasa, Balinese spiritual leader, who visits Malta, and co-founder of the Divine Love Society are: Health, Peace of Mind and Divine Love.

He says that we ignore these ‘diamonds’.

It may not be your style but sometimes even the most giving person must put himself first. Make some “ME” time a priority, even five minutes a day, to be quiet and to look within, to listen.

If you only give and never take for yourself, your life is out of balance. We all need balance.

Never again miss the rare opportunity to get what YOU need or want when you see it. It may never be offered again.

If it is important you, for once, put ‘ME’ ahead of worrying that, “But I should stay home to be with my partner today” or “I should not spend this money”, or “I don’t have time”. Better still, take ME time in nature when possible.

These common thoughts/phrases will lead to a lifelong regret of missed opportunities and leave you out of balance and harmony.

ME time is your gift to your Self to nurture your soul.