Transform your look: From Day to Night

Christmas time brings with it a lot of parties and social occasions. A problem arises when you have a social event right after work and you have no time to change from your work attire into your party gear. Here are a few tips which will help you transform your look by changing work make-up into party make-up.

Clean up: Erase damage to your look that’s occurred during the day. Blot away any excess oil, wipe away any smeared eye make-up and touch up your foundation and concealer.

Prep your skin: Touch up your blush. It is easier to use a cream blusher – it glides on effortlessly and you can apply it with your fingers, so no blush brush is needed.

Highlight: For a night-time sparkle use a shimmer powder to highlight your Cupid’s bow, cheekbones, nose and collarbone.

Curl your lashes: This will give you a wide-awake look. Avoid adding another coat of mascara as adding new mascara on top of dry mascara can result in clumps and fallouts.

Decide what to emphasize: Decide whether you are going to bolden up your eyes or your lips.

Eyes: If you decide to emphasise your eye look, then use a darker shade of your day eyeshadow to enhance – add this to your crease and outer corners of your eye and sweep some of the same colour below your lower lashline. Apply eyeliner to your top lashline. Then, add some light pink or peach lipstick and gloss to your lips.

Lips: If you decide to emphasise your lips, then I would suggest applying eyeliner to your upper lid (winged eyeliner) and then choosing a vibrant colour for your lips, such as pillar-box red or fuchsia.

Hair: Use a dry shampoo to absorb any oils that may have accumulated throughout the day.

Enjoy the festive season!