Same virgin for sale again


The Brazilian student who became a world-wide celebrity after having had her virginity auctioned is doing it again.

No, not it. She claims she hasn’t done that yet. That is her point.

Catarina Migliorini, 21 says that she is still a virgin, after her original virginity auction ahem… fell away.

She had originally agreed to sell her cherry as it were, as part of the ‘Virgin’s Wanted’ documentary being filmed by Justin Sisely. The winning bid had been one of $780,000, offered by ‘Natsu’, a 53 year old Japanese millionaire. And Migliorini had claimed that she was going to use her money to help an NGO construct houses in her home state. (I’d love to be on the naming committee for that housing estate.)

However Migliorini claims that when she went to meet Natsu in a café he did not match the description that she had been given (What? He wasn’t a pervy millionaire who gets excited by the idea of a Brazilian virgin?). And so the deal was off.

And to top it all off she believes that this Natsu does not even exist, but that it was all a ploy by Sisley to drum up media coverage. (The plot thickens. As does… okay. Sorry.)

Sisely is claiming that the deed was in fact done and that he has got the footage to prove it (although he had also once claimed that he was not going to film the actual act) but Migliorini is adamant that nothing happened.

So, like tenacious virgins everywhere, she is trying again.

Her virginity is once more up for grabs and she hopes to get at least $1.5 million for it.

What do you think ladies. Fair price? Or is this virgin’ on the ridiculous?